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Er zijn heel wat linux distributies, de volgende tabel geeft een indruk:

Logo Naam Omschrijving/Toepassing Links
open-logo.png debian.png
  • GPL - GNU
  • volledig vrij
  • Soms de echte linux genoemd
  • Syntaptic .deb packages
  • dpkg package manager
  • Server / Desktop
  • debian
  • debfind
  • redhatLogo.png redhatText.png
    • USA Commercieel
    • multi-processor systemen
    • virtuele omgevingen
    • RPM package manager
    • Server / Large Server
  • Redhat
  • rpmfind
  • rpmfind
  • suse.png suseText.png
    • Commercieel
    • Oorspronkelijk SuSe Germany
    • Nu Novell
    • YaST System updater (rpm based)
    • Server / Large Server / Desktop
    SuSe linux
    fedora.png fedoraText1.png
    • De licentie vrije redhat versie
    • StateLess servers and clients
    • Diskless desktop
    • Licentie vrije versie van redhat
    mandrakeLogo.png mandrakeText.png
    • Servers
    • Home office
    • Tegenwoordig mandriva genoemd
    gentooLogo.png gentooText.png
    • Portage is the heart of Gentoo, and performs many key functions
    • zeer populair onder informatica studenten
    • typisch is van 0 beginnen en alles compileren
    ubuntuLogo.png ubuntuText.png
    • 100% gratis,Wordt na aanvraag gratis thuisgestuurd
    • debian based
    • GNome desktop
    • Server en Desktop versie
    kubuntuLogo.png kubuntuText1.png
    • 100% gratis,Wordt na aanvraag gratis thuisgestuurd
    • debian based
    • KDE desktop
    xubuntuLogo.png xubuntuText.png
    • debian based
    • Low end hardware
    • Desktop systemen
    edubuntuLogo.png edubuntuText.png
    • 100% gratis
    • debian based
    • low end hardware
    • edubuntuPurpose.png
    • 100% gratis
    • embedded software
    • Voor de ARM processor
    sunLogo.png sunText.png
  • Sun produceert geen linux als dusdanig maar focussed wel op de support van verschillende linux distributies op typische SUN hardware.
  • Sun is de leverancier van Sun Solaris, een, niet vrij, UNIX OS voor mainframe systemen
  • Sun is overgenomen door Oracle, sinds 2010
    sabayon.png sabayon-text.png Server en Desktop toepassingen sabayon
    slax.png     slax
    dslLogo.png dslText.png Ideaal voor embedded OS Damn Small Linux
    puppyLogo.png puppyText.png
    • 'Live' booting from CD,USB
    • Ability to run entirely from RAM = super fast
    • Applicable for systems with solid state CF
    • for Wyse and HP/Compaq thin clients
    • Very low minimum requirments
    Puppy Linux
    libranetLogo.png libranetText.png
    • Een Canadese distributie
    • Debian based
    • (Vermoedelijk niet meer actief) 2005
    Home site
    xandrosLogo.png xandrosText.png
    • Desktop, Server, Home editions
    • Debian based
    • Commerciele distributie
    Home site
    stampedeLogo.png stampedeText.png Een niet langer (tot 2002) onderhouden distributie Stampede
      slackwareText.png slackwareText2.png Slackware
    microlinuxLogo.png microlinuxText.png MicroLinux is een distributie die zich speciaal bezighoudt met het porten van Linux naar embedded systemen. Ondertussen zijn er vele processoren en kleine systemen waarvoor een uCLinux versie beschikbaar is. trgcradle.jpg Micro Linux
    vectorLogo.png vectorText.png Speed, performance, stability -- these are attributes that set VectorLinux apart in the crowded field of Linux distributions. The creators of VectorLinux had a single credo: keep it simple, keep it small and let the end user decide what their operating system is going to be. What has evolved from this concept is perhaps the best little Linux operating system available anywhere. For the casual computer user you have a lightning fast desktop with graphical programs to handle your daily activities from web surfing, sending and receiving email, chatting on ICQ or IRC to running an ftp server. Power users will be pleased because all the tools are there to compile their own programs, use the system as a server or perhaps the gateway for their home or office computer network. Administrators will be equally as pleased because the small size and memory requirements of the operating system can be deployed on older machines maybe long forgotten. Home
    zonbuLogo.png zonbuText.png An easy-to-use OS that combines good looks with handy applications but is designed to be rugged and tamper proof. Home
    ulteoLogo.png ulteoText.png ???? Linux or virtual desktop or combination Home
    ebox Linux Small Business Server eBox Platform can act as a Gateway, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Threat Manager, Office Server, Unified Communication Server or a combination of them. One single, easy-to-use platform to manage all your network services. Home
    clearos.png Gateway server ClearOS is a powerful network and gateway server designed for small organizations and distributed environments. Though ClearOS comes with an extensive list of features and integrated services (see sidebar), the solution is easy to configure thanks to the intuitive web-based interface. Home
    freenas.png FreeNas
  • Verander je oude computer in een NAS system op je home netwerk.
  • Bouw een NAS server met een zeer goede performance, met nieuwe hardware
  • FreeNAS is gebaseerd op FreeBSD unix
    slitaz.png Very small and fast SliTaz is a free operating system, working completely in RAM and booting from removable media such as a cdrom or USB key. SliTaz is distributed as a LiveCD, and weighs less than 30MB. The system is quick and responsive, clean and robust. SliTaz is simple and intuitive, providing a lightweight, elegant desktop, detailed documentation and easy to use configuration tools. Home
      Ångström angstrom.jpg Embedded Distro for small devices Ångström
    kali-site-logo2.png KALI Een distributie gespecializeerd in hacker tools kali
    openwrt.png openWRT Een router/firewall distributie speciaal voor allerlei router/switch/firewall/wap hardware openwrt

    up.png Literatuur

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